Why does Town Square Films exist?

Our passion is to help you share yours.  We get a kick out of telling someone else's story the best way we can.

How does Town Square Films work?

Video is our product, but video production is our service.  We view the video making process as a collaboration, and it's just as important as the final deliverable.  You bring the message, we'll bring everything else needed to tell the story.

Who does Town Square Films work with?

We work with businesses big and small to make compelling, client-centered video. For us this means the types of videos we make are based on the client's needs and their audience, this can range from a broadcast commercial to an internal training video.  We are a one-stop shop for your video needs. 


What We Do

The short answer: we do it all. We’re in the business of making video from start to finish, and we’re passionate about every part of it. Our process can be broken down into 5 major steps:



The first step in telling your story is for us to listen. Give us a call or shoot us an email! We’ll have an initial discussion about your brand, goals for the video, desired audience and more. We’ll send you an estimate based on what we discuss. Before you sign a contract and start working with us, we want to make sure we’re all on the same page. We’ll work closely with your team to deliver exactly the video you want for your budget and purpose.



Here we get into the nitty gritty details. Depending on the video, this is when we plan the shoot, write a script, storyboard, scout locations, gather permits, hire crew, audition actors and basically get everything in order for our shoot.



This is when we get to execute all the work that went into pre-production. We’ve already organized and planned everything, and now we hit record.



Everything comes together here. We can go through the editing process within a few days or a few weeks. We make sure you’re happy with the flow of the narrative, music, graphics, color correction, audio, VO and anything else your video needs to drive its message home.



Our turnaround time depends entirely on the project. In general, it takes between 1 and 3 weeks to go from first conversation to final video.